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Vermont Deaf Dogs

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Camera Shy
Town: Enosburg Falls, Vermont
Deaf dog: Max is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel. His family says "I have had many dogs, but Max is special. He is simply brilliant, reasons things out and yet he is humble. He and I have a communication that goes way beyond what I share with our 2 hearing dogs. When we realized he was deaf, I took him to obedience classes. I made up most of my hand he's so tuned in to my hands he looks there first! Everyone is suprised to learn he is deaf because he is so much a 'regular' dog. He is calm and never agressive. A beautiful parti-colored cocker... my shadow..he is with me all over the house. He likes to lay where he can see me. And wiggles his whole body at me when I return home....I wouldn't trade my close relationship with my deaf dog for anything."
Human companions: Catherine Noftz, Jeff, Alex and Sam
Other pets: boxer..Phoebe, Lab..Gus, cats..zoey, jasper, kramer, sofia, george and gracie

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