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West Midlands Deaf Dogs

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Poppy an Irish Setter
Town: Tipton, West Midlands
Deaf dog: We rescued Poppy as an eight month old puppy dog.She is now a very healthy, mischievious 13 year old Irish Setter. She has responded well to hand signals.Even though Poppy is "deaf" she can hear very high pitched noises, and she has taught the other dogs all they need to know about being naughty! We also show Poppy in Exemption dog shows, in which she has won lots of awards for best veteran best rescue and waggiest tail.
Human companions: Donna Pickerill and family.
Other pets: 3 other Irish setters, 6 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 1 rat, 2 Cockatiels, 3 Budgies, 1 tortoise, 4ft tropical fish tank, a garden pond, and a one eyed hamster called Sweetpea.
Camera shy Town: Coventry, West Midlands, England
Deaf dog: Sally is white all over, with a tri-color mask. She is a wire hair coat and has a docked tailed. I am her 10th home in two years and she is only 2 years old. I have had her just under four months. She is currently over-coming a nervous break down due to previous ill treatment. She has a compulsive anxiety disorder and many other behavior problems. However in four months she has climb big hills and is an adorable little girl, we just have to reach deeper. I myself am a trained canine phycologist and we live with my husband and Lucy (JRT) and Albert (Poodle). I will try the list for her aggression as I am out of idea's and I hate that she has to wear a muzzle when we go out.
Human companions: Debi and Roger Wilson.
Other Pets: Two other dogs, Lucy (JRT) and Albert (Poodle), two Budgies, and five fish.
Camera Shy
Town: Kenilworth, England
Deaf dog: Spooky is a 5 month old Whippet, who was born deaf and was adopted by a family who knew it.
Human companions: John and Lois Darley
Other pets: 4 Whippets and 1 Greyhound
Town: Birmingham, England
Deaf dog: Ollie Dalmatian/Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Ollie is a white Dalmatian cross with brown spotty ears and a very curly tail. We bought Ollie from the Birmingham Dogs Home not knowing that he was deaf. We realised the next day because he loves being vaccuumed! He relies on our other dog a lot but he is starting to learn hand signals slowly. It is very difficult not to spoil him becuase he is such a lovely dog. Ollie was a stray and had been in the Dogs Home for 4 months where he had been placed with many families but returned after one day
Human companions: Lizzy Darbyshire,Janice, Mike and Jenny
Other pets: Penny (Whippet cross) and Mimic (a guinea pig)

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