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These lucky dogs all have homes. If you are looking to adopt, visit the Adoption pages at DDEAF

South-West England Deaf Dogs

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Snoopi a Terrier mix
Town: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Deaf dog: Snoopi is a four year old Terrier cross. She is very biddable, fine off lead in a safe area, great with children.
Human companion: Rachel Chitty
Camera Shy
Town: Swindon, England
Deaf dog: Lucy is white boxer and is our first deaf dog. We were looking for a white female boxer and heard of a litter which had 2. We were aware that one of them was possibly deaf and this made up our minds before going to look at them, that we would have them both - gluttens for punnishement!! So we are now the proud parents of 2 beautiful girls Lucy & Holly. Lucy loves to learn and is often asked to show off in front of everyone at training class.
Out of the 2 dogs Lucy is the trouble maker - if you ever see a bit of white flashing past you doing something they shouldn't, you can bet it will be Lucy - Holly her sister just looks at you all innocent (not!!).
Human companions: Jo, Dave & Lauren
Other pets: Holly, Lucy's sister
Camera Shy
Town: Carterton, Oxfordshire, England
Deaf dog: Timone is an 8 week old Jack Russel Terrier. "We knew that he was deaf when we got him and he is so far proving to be a joy. We will be training him with mainly ASL and also some other hand signals.
It will be a challenge but a good one and I'm sure he will teach us more than we could teach him."
Human companions: Rachel Duncan, her Partner and two children
Other pets: Golden labrador, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, pond of fish

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