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These lucky dogs all have homes. If you are looking to adopt, visit the Adoption pages at DDEAF

Northern England Deaf Dogs

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Camera shy
Town: Middlesbrough, England
Deaf dog: Patch is a one and a half year old Terrier cross. His guardian writes "Patch has the most adorable face. When we went to adopt adog I wanted a black female, but when we got to the rescue centre I knem I had to have him. If he knocks something off a table or shelf he picks it up and brings it to you to put back. In some articles about deaf dogs it says you should never let your dog off the lead, we let Patch off in big fields with other dogs and he only cares about me and is never any problem to call back. I just wave and he comes running."
Human companions: Sophie Whittingham and her boyfriend
Zoe an English Setter
Town: Carlisle, England
Deaf dog: Zoe came to us aged 7. We are part of English Setter Rescue UK. Zoe has always had a very lively out going personality. Apart from when she is asleep you would know she is deaf - people who came to see our dogs never pick up on the fact. She will be 15 in May 2001 - not bad hey for a dog that someone before we adopted her said she was 'brainless'.
Human companions: Coleen Taylor and Duncan.
Other pets: We always have Enlish Setters mainly the oldies aged 10 upwards who no one wants. See our web pages they are all on there. Being born deaf is NOT an illness - these dogs give you just as much - if not more love than hearing dogs. They all deserve someone to love them!
Camera shy Town: Newton Aycliffe, Durham
Deaf dog: We got Cassie from our local N.C.D.L. We fell in love with her straight away. Cassie is a very loving dog who needs to be by your side all of the time, intelligent and clever.
Human companions: Denise Heels, husband Gary, two daughters Kirsty 13, and Jacquerline 15.
Camera shy
Town: Durham, England
Deaf dog: Perdi is and 8month old dalmatian "Perdi is actually my girlfriend, melanie's dog but she is not on the net. so i am registering for her. Melanie gave perdi a loving home when her other dog went missing (though not for long thankfully).perdi is mischief herself. however she is greatly loved and very spoilt
Human companions: Melanie Stones and her mother Pauline
Camera Shy
Town: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
Deaf dogs: Molly
Molly is a one and a half year old Collie cross. "We only got Molly recently from the RSPCA and it took us a little while to realise that she was deaf. Being a rescue case, she had been badly treated by her previous owners and totally unsocialised. So she has a few "issues" to work out, although she is comming along in leaps and bounds - literally - as any Collie owner will know!!
Now that we know that she is deaf, she is responding well to hand signals and picks things up very quickly. She just seems really grateful to have a safe home with people who can communicate with her. Obviously we take care where we let her off the lead for a run but in an enclosed park or remote woods she is fine, never letting us out of her sight.Had we have known she was deaf before we adopted her, we may not have taken her on but she has settled in so well we are really pleased that we did her deafness just does not seem to bother her so why should it bother us
Human companions: Dawn Kershaw and Andrew Welsh
Other pets: 3 cats, Trixie, Molly, and Flash

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