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East Midlands Deaf Dogs

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Camera shy
Town: Boston, Lincolnshire
Deaf dog: Sam, a one year old Boxer. His guardian says, "Sam is a real livewire, and is the only one who does not know he is deaf."
Human companions: Richard and Pauline Forinton
Other pets: five goldfish, one of which is over 15 years old!
Town: Nottingham, England
Deaf dog: We rescued Billy from breeder who was going to put him down because she couldn't show him as he's deaf and has too many spots.
He has a best pal, Charlie the poodle, and they are never apart - ever, they do have their arguments, especially over food but get on like a house on fire the majority of the time!
He is definitely the cutest and most soft natured dog I know and would never hurt a fly, he sleeps in the same bed as my 2 cats who think he is one of them!
We have had him for 7 years and he still acts like a puppy....very cheeky as he is known as 'Oliver Twist' as he is always pinching food!!
Human companions: Dominique Wheelhouse, Parents and one sister
Other pets: Poodle, 2 siamese cats and 2 horses
Camera Shy
Town: Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire
Deaf dog: Digger is a JRT/Fox Terier Cross, he came from an animal sanctuary just 6 weeks ago and has already alerted us to a smoke filled room down stairs whilst we were sleeping. He is not yet that responsive to our needs of him but that could be the terrier in him!! He is very lively and loves his toys. He really enjoys car rides and has his own seat belt for the front seat whilst other family members go in the back.Amongst his brothers and sisters are a Great Dane, a mad collie, and a puppy Russell.
Human companions: Amanda J Glover and John
Other pets: 5 other dogs and three cats,a horse and two sheep, 5 polecats and a crazy 15 yr. old cockateil
Camera Shy
Town: Leicester, England
Deaf dogs: Rosie
Rosie is a Jack Russel Cross. "Rosie was dumped in a bin up in scotland and then my sister found her and she called me and I went up and got her and gave her a home.she is a lovely dog with a great personality.we love her to bits."

Human companions: Kaje Parter, her Husband Colin and their baby.
Other pets: canary,cockatiel,hamster
Camera Shy
Town: Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire, England
Deaf dogs: Rayne
Rayne is a 14 month old Collie Cross. "We got Rayne from the Jay Gee dog sanctury. It was love at first sight, she got her name because it was raining when we first saw her and raining when we collected her the following day."
Human companions: Anne Dennis(Who is partially deaf) and her husband Fred , daughter Catherine and 7 year old grandaughter Amanda
Other pets: 12 Chinese Crested dogs

Camera Shy
Town: Northamptonshire
Deaf dogs: Dozer
Dozer is a Harlequin Great Dane.
Human companions: Joanna Sapry
Other pets: 3 cats, Trixie, Molly, and Flash

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