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Wales (Cymru) Deaf Dogs

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Dizzy a Dalmatian cross

Bertie a Boxer
Town: Trapp, Carmarthenshire
Deaf dogs: Dizzy is a Dalmatian cross. She is a bright, happy, confident dog who was amongst the best in her dog obedience class, she watches us all the time for signs and gets on very well with our other animals.
Bertie is a Boxer puppy. He is full of energy and we all love him, he is taking a little while to settle in with our other dogs but he's getting on fine, there are more pictures of him and our other dogs on Dizzy's web site
Human companions: Ben, Sharon, Thomas (our son), and Louisa (our Daughter).
Other pets: Barney (Labrador Cross), Bandit (Jack Russell Terrier), Sam (Ginger Tom), Ella (Tabby Cat), Two Geese, Six Ducks, and Several Chickens.
Comments: Dizzy was born in the RSPCA and remained there until the age of ten months. She is gentle and friendly and loves to play just like any other dog. We have launched a web site for deaf dog owners in the UK with a rehoming section, news, a gallery etc. etc please come and visit us at

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