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Scotland (Alba) Deaf Dogs

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Camera shy Town: Stirling, Scotland
Deaf dog: Blue, a one year old Border Collie, knows about 20 signs. He is the only deaf dog in his training club and is the youngest dog in his advanced obedience class. This, even though he's in his cheeky teenage years!
Human companion: Bryony Carnie
Other pets: two other dogs, four cats, and a rat.
Camera shy Town: Killin , Scotland
Deaf dog: Bess is a loving dog despite not having the best start in life. She loves to run and happily where we live she has a great deal of freedom. Bess has had a lot to overcome not least repetative behaviour from being tied up for long periods - cruel for any dog - torture for a Collie/Huntaway. But she has a wonderful character and loves everyone. Sadly, she developed arthritis in her front right wrist and had an operation just before Xmas to fuse the joint. She is currently patiently suffering restricted exercise, but still remains a happy, playful, mostly obedient dog.
Human companions: Gill Hunt and family.
Other Pets: Two dogs, two cats, twelve rats, three chinchillas, a ferret, two hamsters, three chickens, three wild ducks - that is all at the moment... I think...
Camera Shy
Town: Dundee, Tayside, Scotland
Deaf dogs: Bouncer is a ten week old Old English Sheepdog. "We got Bouncer when he was about seven weeks old from PADS (a rescue center at Forteviot in Perthshire). He was in with one of his brothers who was also deaf, and as tempted as we were to adopt both dogs, our living space would not let us. Since arriving at his new home Bouncer has been no problems at all which we are really surprised at, so touch wood we are going to have a very happy life together."
Human companions: Robbie Sulley and his three girls aged 7 14 and 16
Other pets: one hamster called tilly
Camera Shy
Town: Fife
Deaf dogs: Spike
Spike is a 2 years and 8 months old Boxer. "Spike was offered to me through a friend as the person(Susan Miller of Helensburgh,now Oban)was moving house and job and could not look after Spike with the attention he needs,So after meeting Spike within 5mins max Susan said she Knew Spike and I were going to be very good friends.He is White with a brown patch over left eye.I can now let him off lead on the beach outside my home.One morning (early Sun)I let him go before I reached the normal let off point and then discovered 10-15 joggers behind me,yes you guessed it Spike went along with them,It took me 1hr to catch them tyring to explain the fact he was deaf (in between the ambulance man giving me oxygen lol).But thanks to susans early traing I have found the only thing that has changed for me is the fact I cant sit around at my computer for long anymore,and feel better for it."
Human companions: John Stoddart and his 2 sons both adult one is allergic to Spike
Other pets: Fish which Spike would love to eat I think lol.

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