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Saskatchewan Deaf Dogs

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Teddy a Maltese
Town: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Deaf dog: Teddy is a 12 year old Maltese. His family says "My dog was fine until last spring when we realized he was no longer tearing for the door when the doorbell rang. He must have gone deaf gradually. He still hears very loud noises and whistles. He did have a very bad ear infection about three years ago. I wonder if that was how it started. It has made him very anxious and he is always worried about where I am and follows even closer than before. Teddy is my second maltese. They are the world's most loyal and lovable dog!"
Human companions: My husband and I (Joan Schindel)have three children who no longer live at home. They are all dog lovers.
Other pets: We have 5 cats.

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