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Queensland Deaf Dogs

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Duffy a Dalmatian
Town: Townsville, Queensland
Deaf dog: Duffy, a Dalmatian. Duffy has his CD and ET (endurance title) and currently competes in Open and Novice Agility.
Human companions: Penny McNally and husband Bert
Other pets: Jess, a Border Collie mix; Sally, a Dalmatian (Duffy's mom); Chookie, a galah; Gwen, a geriatric goose; Goldie, a one-eyed guinea pig; Duke and Pearl, cockatiels; a pair of quails.
Sheba an Australian Cattle Dog
Town: Townsville, Queensland
Deaf dog: Sheba is a four year old Australian Cattle Dog. Her guardian writes "Sheba is a cunning dog like all Blue Heelers, she is 4 years going on 4 months as she is very playful. She is extremely intelligent and was in no time up to companion dog standard." Of course, the fact that her dad is a dog trainer and fluent in Auslan may have helped just a little.
Human companions: Antony Daamen and his wife Terry
Other pets: Max, a 10 year old Blue Heeler mix; Sammi, a three year old female cat; Chloe, a five year old cat
Jasper an Australian Cattle Dog
Town: Brisbane, Queensland
Deaf dog: Jasper is an Australian Cattle Dog. He has been obedience trained and is now learning agility dog sports.
Human companion: Tracy Messer
Other pets: Blue an Australian Cattle Dog.
Sharni an Australian Cattle Dog
Town: Nambour, Queensland
Deaf dog: Sharni is a 6 year old Border Collie mix. She loves to chase shadows and her favorite toy. She also loves going to the beach.
Human companion: Belinda Huntington.
Other pets: Sasha a German Shepherd, Gidget a Chihuahua, Monty a Cockatiel and 3 Guinea Pigs.
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Camera Shy
Town: Millmerran, Queensland
Deaf dog: Zac is a 4 month old pure white Boxer with one blue eye and one brown eye. "He is lovable and intelligent and knows what he wants, when he wants it and is especially good with kids. We bought him from a breeder who was going to have him put down. Zac is learning sign language to communicate and is very eager to learn. He now knows to sit, stay, come, and speak."
Human companions: Cathy and Russell Hedges, and three children, Emily, Ashleigh and Joshua.
Other pets: Bart, a Boxer and several birds native to Australia.
Town: Brisbane, Queensland
Deaf dog: Oreo is a 4 month old Border Collie and still a puppy. She is full of energy and love. Oreo was bought to be a companion to our other dog "Jess", a maltese chihuaha cross. We want to train Oreo effectively and take her to agility.
Human companions: Catherine & Hannah Lewis, Tim Albers

Other pets: Jess (maltese chihuaha), Alphabet (cat), Duchess )cat), Houdini (budgie), "The four chooks".

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