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Ontario Deaf Dogs

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Miss Maggie-Mae an Australian Shepherd
Miss Maggie-Mae
Miss Olyvia a Great Dane
Miss Olyvia
Miss Molly a Great Dane
Miss Molly Dukes
Town: Oshawa, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Miss Maggie-Mae, Miss Olyvia, and Miss Molly Dukes
Miss Maggie-Mae is a 7 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd. Miss Maggie CGC, TDX, and my heart, responds to well over 130 ASL signs. She has been on TV many times and does many tricks. She is a wonderful companion to our little boy and a peace-keeper with all the pups. Tragically, Miss Maggie-Mae had to go to the Rainbow Bridge in June, 2001, and will be greatly missed by the entire deaf dog community.
Miss Olyvia is a 2 1/2-year-old Great Dane. Miss Olyvia, the light of my life, has had some very rough times with HOD (bone disease) and seizures. She has come through it all like a trooper and is very spunky, energetic and the family clown. She responds to over 40 ASL signs and was on TV with Miss Maggie-Mae.
Miss Molly Dukes is our 112 lb, 8 month old baby Great Dane, and my baby doll. Just as she gets used to her size, she grows again. :) She and Miss Olyvia hang out together, and are the closest of friends. They are just about the same size now, and everywhere they go, are admired by all... Miss Molly Dukes responds to about 20 ASL signs, however, we feel that she is hard of hearing and not totally deaf, so responds to my voice at times and a whistle. Despite being so young, Miss Molly Dukes has to be the model of elegance, and she knows she looks good too... :)
Human companions: First of all there is me, Lin Gardinor, and I am the one with the American Sign Language... as a part of my job, I teach people with varying degrees of deafness to drive. Then there is Ivan the doggy-girls Dad, and Justin our little boy with a great big smile and a very long list of special needs... It seems that we are fast becoming known as a foster home for dogs with special needs, so we always have a pup or 2 here as well...
Other pets: Brytni, an Aussie cross who is between 11 and 15 years old, my most admirable pup and a brilliant rescue... Danté is my beautiful 2.5 yo grand-puppy, a magnificent fawn Great Dane who used to live with us, but has now moved in to a home of his own... with his Mum of course... and that is what prompted us to adopt another baby Dane, because Miss Olyvia was very lonely.
Chase in the summer of 1999
Town: Bowmanville, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Chase and Buffy now reside at the Rainbow Bridge. There, life is perfect for them as they deserve the best. They are sadly missed by all who live here and visit here.
Human companions: Sharon and Ron Brooks
Other pets: Gina, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and her daughter.
Comments: We are more than willing to help others
Town: Kemptville, Ontario
Deaf dog: Winston, a much loved companion who went to the bridge in January, 2002. He is very missed.
Human companion: Mary Lou Levesque
Mikehala a Great Dane
Town: Utterson, Ontario
Deaf dog: Mikehala is a 3 month old Great Dane puppy who was born deaf. She is a merlequin with baby blue eyes. She is a keeper and we love her very much. We are learning signs for both of us. Sadly, Mikehala died of a seizure at 22 months. She is missed very much.
Human companion: Brenda Atkinson
Camera shy
Town: Toronto, Ontario
Deaf dog: Gabrielle, Gaby is very smart and full of life and love. Her goal in life is to play, play, play. She spends most of her time with Samson her older hearing "brother".
Human companions: We are a family of 3 humans. Mom, Alexandra Johne, dad and young William.
Other pets: Samson another Dalmatian, Gaby's hearing "brother".
Camera shy
Town: Lindsay, Ontario
Deaf dog: Gabbie is a 4 month old purebread Cairn Terrier that we adopted from the rescue mission. She comes to us from Detroit and we find this puppy to be very smart. She has learned our sign for "go potty" and is 95% successful. Gabbie is very precious to us.
Human companions: Anne and Bob Burns, 3 grown children living away from home, one married with a 2 year old.
Other pets: Buffy, a 12 year old cat rescued 2 years ago.
Kaley a Ducktolling Retreiver
Town: Toronto, Ontario
Deaf dog: Kaley is a 3 month old Ducktolling Retreiver. We just got her and are going through the trials and tribulations of trying to train her.
Human companions: Andrew and Kelly Orr, son Chris and daughter Amy.
Email: Unavailable
Camera shy
Town: Windsor, Ontario
Deaf dog: Jazz is my sweetheart. She has more character than many people I know. She is full of energy and joy..ALWAYS :) She tries my patience constantly and is one of the most stubborn dogs I have ever had the pleasure to know :) and she is a pretty high maintenance girl. But she is the world's best cuddler and just loves to kiss and lick. She makes it sooooo very obvious that she loves you back. My girl is a highly intelligent and energetic 6 year old Dalmatian that loves to pretend she doesn't see me when I'm "talking" to her. I wouldn't trade her for the world.
Human companions: Pat Arseneault
Other pets: Hani, (Hannibal the Cannibal...I did NOT name him :)10 yr old rescued male Dalmatian, Garth, 11 yr old male rescued Dalmatian, JJ, 11 yr old male rescued dalmatain and Kit (the resident cat), many, many tanks of freshwater and brackish fish and assorted foster dalmatians, particular interest in working with deaf, blind and senior dals.
Brutis a Great Dane
Town: Wheatley, Ontario
Deaf dog: My dog Brutis is a 5 yr old Great Dane.
Human companions: Stephanie Liepold and in the household we have only a few. We have my mom Marie, who is in a wheel chair. My father, John who is half deaf. And my boyfriend Andrew. Brutis loves everyone.
Other Pets: dog- Pharoh a German Shepherd, cat - Sabbath, cat - Pinky, Flick the Veiled Chameleon and CAT the Hedgehog
Bitsi a Mini Dachshund
Town: Picton, Ontario
Deaf dog: Bitsi is a Mini Dachshund. She is really smart, a fast learner and responds faster than her sister. She tries to get away with everything. Bitsi is also half blind too. These girls are full off life and the breeder was going to euthanize Bitsi because of her faults but even though I didn't know she was deaf I could have cared less, I have problems and was not wanted either so I love all livings creatures.
Human companions: Heather Norton.
Other Pet: Mitsy, her full sister, is "extra mini". She is half the size off Bitsi and helps to bring her siter to me and both use signs. Mitsy has problems with her ears staying down and seems to have bad legs.
Camera shy
Town: Orangeville, Ontario
Deaf dog: My family has had Aussie's ever since I can remember. Both of Annabelle's parents were our pets. Fred (blue merle - Anna's Dad) was my mothers dog. Heather (red merle - Anna's mom) was rescued from a pound. We didn't know that breeding 2 merles is a dangerous thing to do. Annabella was born in our living room and slept on my pillow as soon as my mother wasn't looking. She is 5 now. She responds to my homemade signals, and body language. When she dosen't want to listen to me she hides her eyes, or looks the other way. She is very loving and follows me everywhere I go. She only seems to like her (real mom) Heather, she freaks out when she sees another dog. Luckily for me she has to see them and I usually divert her attention. She is a very special dog and I love her very much.
Human companions: Lucinda and David.
Email: Unavailable
Town: Oakville, Ontario
Deaf dog: Maia is a 5 1/2 year old Dalmatian. Her family says "We adopted Maia with the help of Dalamtian Adoption and Resuce (DAR)and their experience has been invaluable in helping us learn about living with a deaf dog. We wanted a companion for our other (hearing) dog and we all fell in love with Maia the minute we met her. She is a fat, bossy, stubborn, spoiled, cuddly, snuggly and utterly delightful little princess! Although we had some initial reservations about a deaf dog those disappeared once we met her. It required some adjustment in the way we relate to and communicate with our dogs but is well worth this small effort. I would recommend adopting a deaf dog to any responsible, committed dog lover."
Human companions: Alison & Derek King
Other pets: Tyson, 2.5 year old Dalmatian / Ladrador cross
Town: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Deaf dog: Budic is a 3 month old Brittany Spaniel. Budic is an amazing puppy! He is the most affectionate dog I have ever seen sleeping with some part of himself glued to or on you all night. At less than 6 months, he has learned so much already and is very good at his commands. We are learning many new ideas together. I would not hesitate to adopt another deaf dog. Budic comes from a Brittany rescue group from Michigan. He was placed into adoption because although he was born from champion parents, the breeder could not sell him. We are just starting!"
Human companions: Mary Jane & Gairy Hamp and David (son 17 years)
Other pets: Daniel, a rescue Brittany (hearing) & Sarah, a rescue Brittany (hearing)
Town: Mississauga, Ontario
Deaf dog: Amos is an English Setter who was born 09/01. He has completed two levels of obedience and excelled in his training. He knows over 30 signs to date, and is always willing to learn. He loves to be the center of attention and is very dramatic - he should be in movies! He is very special.
Human companions: Sharon & Rob Bauer
Other pets: Sage, English Setter Jasmine, Dizney, Byng, Totem - cats
Town: Welland, Ontario
Deaf dog: Cleo is a 3 yr old female Boxer. Our family was blessed with the opportunity to adopt Cleo from Eastern Boxer Rescue in the States. It has been a total change in mind set from training her two hearing Boxer brothers but non the less rewarding. Cleo was very quick to learn her signs and seems to be very happy with her new family - we sure love her!"
Human companions: Jodie Schaefer
Other pets: 2 hearing Boxer brothers
Town: Guelph, Ontario
Deaf dog: Meeka is a 6 month old female Australian Cattle Dog. Meeka is quite a handful with a ton of energy! She already knows approximately 30signs, and is enthusiastically working on more. Her best friend is a year old black and white long haired cat named Nishka who she sleeps with every night.
Human companions: Tanya Jones & my boyfriend Al
Other pets: Nishka, my cat
Camera shy
Town: Barrie, Ontario
Deaf dog: Ludwig is a young male Boxer. We were fostering Ludwig for Ontario Boxer Rescue, he was our second foster and even though we have never had a deaf dog before he was great right from the start. We decided to keep him for our selves after a few weeks and a camping trip he fit in perfect with our life style and our other two dogs who are hearing. he learned No very fast by pointing our finger and sit by putting a flat hand towards the ground. We do let him off the leash and let me tell you come is a hard one to get him to learn because if he is not looking good luck. We think it is funny and are going to try the vibrating collar to see it that will help. People think it is hard but we tell them it really isn't any harder then any other dog we always tell them Ludwig listens better then our dog River and she can hear! We take Ludwig to puppy day care once a week so he can play and run free with all kinds of other dogs he loves it. This is better then letting him say hello to other dogs at a park as you never know if the strange dog is friendly or not and because ludwig can't hear you when you call he sometimes will run to see the other dog. We have a long flexi leash for him that we walk him on when there are other dogs around. He follows our other two hearing dogs around all the time Phoenix(aussi X) and River( Labxhound) he is very lovable and we would get another deaf dog is a heart beat. He loves to go camping and swiming and is just a big suck and I tell my family he is my blue eyed baby.
Human companions: Tania Krans & my husband Darryl (baby on the way)
Other pets: Phoenix(aussi X)River (labXhound)
no pic Town: Toronto, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Stewart is a 5yr old Jack Russel terrier. I was asked to adopt him but I loved him already. His specialty is fetch. Faster and more accurate than I've ever seen.
Human companions: Michelle Miller & my daughter
Other pets: cat
Town: Ottawa, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Milo is a 4yr old male Dalmatian. I've had Milo since he was a puppy. He was given to me after he starred in a movie. When I was younger my family had a deaf dalmatian so when I heard that Milo needed a home I felt prepared to take him into my home. I am sooo glad I did, he is my best friend and I love him dearly! He has the most personality ever and gets along with everyone, canine and human. He's the sweetest thing!!!
Human companions: Murielle E. Varhelyi & my fiance
Other pets: female greyhound named Keely
no pic Town: Burlington, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Olivia is a 1 yr old female Dalamtian. Olivia is a female Dalmation, who I adopted knowing that she was deaf. She was only 8 weeks old when she was brought into the Animal Hospital that I work at and her owner at the time had just bought her at a pet store a few days prior to her appointment. He suspected that she was either partially deaf if not completely. When he found out that she was completely deaf and that if taken back to the pet store she would most likely be euthanized and did not feel confident enough to train a deaf puppy, I offered to adopt her. Olivia is now over a year old and still weighs under 40lbs, she is very energetic and very smart. She knows about 10-15 hand signals that I make up as I go along, they also include tricks. I even taught her to stick out her tongue on command. She at times thinks shes a cat as she likes to lie on the head rest of the recliner chair and when your not looking she likes to counter surf. I would not trade her in for the world, she loves everybody and the best part is my 9 year old Dalmation "Oreo" loves her like she was her own puppy!!
Human companions: Lori J. Richards & Lori, Lance and Lorna
Other pets: 9 year old female dalmation
no pic Town: Ottawa, Ontario
Deaf dogs: Ramona is a sweet and goofy 6 month old Catahoula. We recently adopted her from a great lady, (thanks Becky!) near Pittsburgh, PA and Ramona flew up to Canada on Air Canada. It was thought that Ramona was totally deaf at birth but she hears very well! In fact she barks at the slightest peep (good guard dog!) ... its just she doesn't always know which direction its coming from ... so I guess she is a little hard of hearing and somewhat directionally challenged. However, we are going to have her BAER tested soon to be certain. She's been with us for one month now and is blending in well with our other dogs: Mobi and Linux, the 2 yr old Cattle dog sisters, and Klein, the 1 yr old. Rotti X. Ramona can be a little too silly and a little intimidating with her size and clumsiness for Mobi and Linux (who are very serious about herding!) but Klein seems to think she's the bee's knees! We also have two 8 month old barn cats (Frank and Igor) who Ramona just loves, as well as! four 'rescued' standardbred race horse who are working on a new career as riding horses! We just love Ramona to death for her loyalty and affection, although she can be alittle aggressive, she is responding really well to structure and discipline - in spite of her "puppiness"!
Human companions: Val Findlay and husband Mark
Other pets: Mobi and Linux, the 2 yr old Cattle dog sisters, and Klein, the 1 yr old. Rotti X

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