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New Zealand Deaf Dogs

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Jazz a Border Collie
Town: Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Deaf dog: Jazz is a three year old Border Collie. Her guardian writes "I rescued Jazz when she was 7 months old and completely out of control, no training had been given - she had also been in 3 RTA's. She is now a calm dog and a joy to own. She has even won a ribbon in obedience! She is my best buddy."
Human companion: Katrina Mac Donald
Other pets: cats Trevor and Brockie
Camera Shy Town: Auckland, New Zealand
Deaf dog: Smudge, a two year old female American Staffordshire Terrier. Her guardian writes "We were given Smudge by the breeder who was going to have her destroyed, but I convinced them to let me have a go and see what I could do with her. Two years and a whole lot of fun later we have a fantastic family pet who happily shares her living space with cats, chickens, geese, goats, horses, Rabbits, cows, and children. Her only vice is shadow chasing (so care with things that reflect light is important). The breeder came to visit just before her second birthday and said that until now he did not believe a dog could learn obey and function on hand signals alone."
Human companions: Melanie Carlyon, her husband Cameron and daughter Jaimee
Other pets: horses, goat, geese, chickens, cats, bunnies, mice
Camera Shy
Town: Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Deaf dogs: Eddy is a 10 month old liver and white Dalmatian. "Eddy is our second deaf dog. She is very active. She has a few basic hand signals like sit, come, fetch, play, eat now, jump. We don't do stay very well. She has a very loving nature, which makes up for her food stealing habit...straight out of your hand if we're not careful!"
Tessa, first deaf Dalmation, who passed away due to cancer at age 3.
Human companions: Julie Bates, her husband and two children.
Other pets: Snow princess, 6 year old cat; Zac, 10 year old dog, foxy X...selective hearing.

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