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Deaf Dogs in New South Wales

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Dana a Dalmatian
Town: Sydney, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Dana, a Dalmatian who grew deaf as she grew older, died recently at the age of 15 years and 4 months.
Donna, a congenitally deaf Dalmatian who died of skin cancer at age 14.
Human companion: Jenny Daniel
Other pets: Kara, a Dalmatian.
Peppi an Australian Cattle Dog
Town: Sydney, New South Wales
Deaf dog: Arnikka Miss Peppi is now a rising 5 year old. She has now gained her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), ADX (Agility Dog Excellent), and JDX (Jumping Dog Excellent) obedience & agility titles.
Human companions: Janine Carson and her husband Greg
Other pets: Peppi's mother Sheena, brother Man, Peppi's favourite mate, Tia the Mastiff/Boxer cross, and new addition, a Koolie pup named Spy, who just adores Peppi.
Camera shy Town: Sydney, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Becky, an 8-year-old Dalmatian who was born deaf.
Human companion: Janet Backhouse
Other pets: a 7-year-old male Border Collie.
Jessie an Australian Cattle Dog
Town: Sydney, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Jessie is an Australian Blue Cattle Dog. We just found out that she's deaf three days ago when she was BAER tested at Sydney Uni hence we're still gathering info on how to train her and us. We have no intention to train her for show or trial. We want dogs for companion and to work at our sheep cattle farm. We are deeply grateful of Janine Carson's, whom we found on your Atlas, invaluable advice & help.
Human companions: Mei Lim and Lee Godwin, my husband.
Other pets: Thomas, twin brother of Jessie and Bootsy the cat.
Lily a Kelpie/Collie cross
Town: Newcastle, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Lily is a four year old kelpie/cross. "She knows about 15 signs and we are about to teach her more now using ASL. She was on Clomicalm but we have taken her off it as soon as she settled a little, although she still has a fear of fans. We would not hesitate in taking on another deaf dog. She has been the reason Elizabeth now trains dogs as part of her job."
Human companions: Mark and Elizabeth Rodger-Snelson.
Other pets: We have two whippets Barnaby and Sophie.
Camera shy Town: Penrith, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Kara is a 7 week old Australian Cattle dog. Her family says "The pet shop had just discovered that Kara was deaf and were about to take her to the pound. Jordan Walked in at the right time looking for a new puppy and decided he couldn't see the point in having such a cute healthy dog put to sleep."
Human companions: Allison Bencic, Jordan, Daniel, Anthony, and Taylor.
Other pets: A budgie called Thomas.
Nutmeg a Red Heeler
Town: Sydney, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Nutmeg is a 9 1/2 month old red Cattle Dog. She does not have a mean bone in her body, but uncontrollably playful. We got her from Monika's Rescue. We knew she was deaf, but she was so cute and timid. She has blossomed and is no longer timid. She is also known as Megawatti the Destroyer.
Human companions: John Herrick and Denise Devreeze.
Town: New Castle, New South Wales
Deaf dog: Gwen is a 3 month old Australian Cattle Dog. "As soon as my daughter and I saw Gwen we knew she was meant to be in our family. She is a pure delight, she is intelligent, and so far our training has been very successful, I don't know who has learnt more, Gwen or myself. She constantly makes eye contact with us and has from day one walked close by our sides, thus resulting in her going off the leash many times when we are in open ground with not too many distractions. She comes when signaled about 90% of the time, probably better than many hearing dogs. Our whole family does not regret our choice of Gwen."
Human companions: Gail & Alex Mandl and children Matthew and Meredith.
Other pets: A cat, Ribby.
Camera Shy
Town: Casino, New South Wales
Deaf dog: Maisy is a 5 week old Bull Terrier mix. "We took the dog from a friend who could not keep her. Then discovered, after a day or so, that she is deaf. We actually gave her to our 12-year-old daughter for her birthday."
Human companions: Louise and Steve Amey; children, Lucy, 12; Macarthur, 8; and Grace, 8.
Other pets: 5 dogs, 1 cat, 3 rats, 2 chooks, fish and canaries.
no pic
Town: Nowra , New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Angel is adorable! Has one brown eye and one blue. I bought her from a local breeder. Unfortunately she wasn't our original choice. We had picked one of her sisters, then a week later we got a call from the breeder asking if we would be interested in getting a deaf puppy instead. The reason he asked was because he preferred that she go to a home which already had dogs, so she would have constant company. The people who were suppose to be getting her, were going to give her to their young daughter for Christmas as her first dog. They also didn't think they were prepared to train a deaf dog. So an agreement was reached that we would take her. I'm glad we did, I wouldn't trade her for anything!
Human companions: Janice Gash and her daughter Larraine
Other pets: Shadow a Kelpie X, Phantom a Border Collie, Misty a Border Collie, Dizzy a Manx(cat) & our other cat Turbo.
no pic
Town: Sydney , New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Angus is our little white baby. We fostered him through Doggie Rescue and fell in love with him and adopted him permanently. Angus is very loving and lives with our other dogs and cats.Over time he has learnt some obedience but we don't expect him to be perfect, we love him for his affectionate protective nature. When off leash(our property is fully fenced) he always checks back to us and keeps us in sight. He also uses our other dogs as reference points. Angus is smart and barks at the door when he wants to be let out or wants to come into the house. Angus is house trained and we are still working on having him come all the time when we signal. Angus is also a great swimmer. Angus is our first deaf dog and it has been a fairly smooth transition at training him to integrate into our household. He is better behaved than our hearing dogs most of the time. Angus is a wonderful dog and we couldn't imagine our home without him. Any of his shortcomings are made up for with his lovely temperament.
Human companions: Cynthia & Murray
Other pets: Cats and Midnight the Samoyed, Nell the cattle cross, Rospo terrier cross and foster dogs.
Bonnie and Rufus
Town: Albury, New South Wales
Deaf dogs: Rufus, is a very active 2 year old
foxy/J R.. He became deaf 2 months ago, when some neighborhood kids thru a fire cracker into his kennel, where he was sleeping. Took me an hour to realise he had been hurt by it, vet checked him and said it should return, but 2 months on and nothing.
I am teaching him signs and he seems to be picking them up quick, I also have his Mum, she is 10 years old, and has become very jealous towards him. Would like to hear from others on training methods. Like to know where to get help with training signs.
Human companions: Lori Britton, my husband and 4 grow part time sons
Other pets: KT is our 20 year old cat, 9 parrots
Town: Coffs Harbour, South Australia
Deaf dog: Bandit is a 5 month old Australian Cattle Dog. "Bandit was "rehoused with love" at 3 months from the Walter Bailey Animal Refuge in Coffs Harbour. I spoke about seeing a deaf dog on a website and the founder said she had something to show me. It was Bandit and for me love at first sight. My husband and the rest of the family fell in love with Bandit inside 2 days. Bandit has already learned so much in the 2 months we have had him that he is a real pleasure. His company has stopped our Husky/Border Collie cross from wanting to escape, as now she has a playmate."
Human companions: Liz & Joe Grewal, Kiran, 17, Kelly, 15 and Aron, 13.
Other pets: Tinka, Husky/Border Collie Cross' Shelley and AJ, cats; Fudge and Smudge, rabbits; Rascal and Albert, budgies.

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