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New Hampshire Deaf Dogs

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Photo of Blue Bell, a Lab/Border Collie mix
Blue Bell
Town: Derry, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Blue Bell is going to be three years old in June. She is a wonderful, smart and loving dog. She has learned dozens of hand signals...some very subtle, as well as taking cue from facial expressions. We have also trained her with a vibrating collar...something which I highly recommend. I can't begin to tell you how much joy Blue Bell and our other dog Bea have brought us.
Human companions: Cheryl Stanion and her husband Charlie
Other pets: Bea, a Collie; the cats, Spanky and Sprog
Camera Shy Town: North Haverhill, New Hampshire
Deaf dogs:Magic & Lucky
Magic is a 5 year old Dalmatian, He is a great loving dog, loves to go for walks and ride in the car.
Lucky is a 2 year old Dalmatian. She is a great dog. We got Lucky in Feruary 2000. Her previous owner did not realize she was deaf. She was with a hearing dog and I guess her other owner thought she could hear.
Even though it can be tough having a deaf dog, they are still the greatest. They give all kinds of love.
Human companions: Shawn Bigelow, Lorie-Ann Noyes and Kyle Bigelow
Other pets: We now have Sasha, a hearing Dalmatian.
 Photo of Winter
Town: Dover, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Winter is now two and a half. He's had surgery for wobblers twice and seems to be doing well with the help of a veterinary acupuncturist. He's still the happiest dog I've ever known. He lives with me and his 3 packmates all looking out for him. He is the 4th dane in the house and the youngest. The older dogs are usually very happy with him but they can get testy with him when he plays to rough. We are just learning to live with and train a deaf dog so we are going to be looking for lots of help over the next few months. I have been involved in the rescue of several deaf Danes in the past but this is the first time I have ever had a deaf dog of my own. This is also the first puppy I have ever raised on my own.
Human companions: Paul Spencer
Other pets: Rajah, 6 yrs, black dane, Bailey 5 yrs, fawn female dane, McIvor, 4 yrs, merle dane. Everyone here is a rescue with several passing through every year.
Camera Shy
Town: Barrington, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Jewel is a five year old Border Collie who is awesome! She's happy and friendly and intensely ball crazy. She is a playtime fanatic and a cuddle partner in front of the tv...she is just about perfect!
Human companions: Patricia and Richard Tate
Other pets: 3 Greyhounds, 4 Whippets, 1 Laborador Retriever, 1 Golden Retriever, 1 Ball Python, 1 Corn snake and 1 Tegu
Town: Pelham, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Casidy is now 5 1/2 years old. She is doing great and shares her life with us and her companions, Sage (Newf, 7), Eli (Leonberger, 1), Tia (Greyhound, 4), her three cats, Hayden, Kloe & Darwin and her two parrots, Caique, Chico and Timneh Grey, Coomaya. We invite you visit our website at We have a lovely book out, "Train Your Dog, Change Your Life", Wiley & Sons, NY, NY, 2001. Our training sanctuary is doing well. You can view our programs and events, including free puppy seminars and pet-assistd therapy training and team evaluations for the Delta Society at the website. We welcome hearing challenged dog teams. Gratefully, Maureen & Gary Ross
Human companions: Maureen and Gary Ross
Other pets: Sage the Newf (7), Eli the Leonberger (1), Casidy the American Bulldog (D-5 1/2), Hayden the Maine Coon, Kloe and Darwin, Grey Cats, Chico the Caique and Coomaya the Timneh Grey.
Town: Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Lady is a Miniature Schnauzer that is 12 years young. I got Lady from a Pet Store when i was 3, i picked her out. We grew up together and she saved me from getting hit by a car when i was about 10 years old. She's such a loving dog. She has gradually become deaf due to old age. Our vet also thinks that she has CDS( cognitive dysfunction symdrom) thats sort of the doggie version of aldzheimers. She has always been very sepcial to me and always will be.
Human companions: Mother & Father
Other pets: Daisy,Bandit(dogs)4 ferrets,7 fish,2 birds,1 cat,1 snake,1 tortoise,2 geckos
Town: Nashua, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Scooby is about a year old Australian Cattle Dog. We brought Scooby home from a pet store... and even though we didn't know he was deaf at first, we still fell in love. We are finding training to be a little difficult, but the love he gives makes him just a wonderful little puppy!
Human companions: Andrea & Andy
Other pets: Sydney (Australian Cattle Dog Mix)
Magic Gigi
Town: Hudson, New Hampshire
Deaf dog: Magic is a great all Black Cocker Spaniel who has also lost his eyesight at 5 years of age due to PRA. We purchased him from what we thought was a reputable breeder...not true. His life evolves around pleasing all us with hugs and cuddles. He loves sleeping on the ottoman when we're not looking.
Gigi will be coming at 12wks old on 4/9/05. We chose her from the litter and later found out that she was deaf and my daughter Abbie decided to take her. We're nervous yet very anxious to pick her up in Ohio.
Human companions: Steve, Carmen, Lynn(27), Abbie (24), Brian(21)
Other pets:
Buster (2 year old Cocker) and Mia (newborn French Bulldog) who is coming with Gigi for companionship

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