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Deaf Dogs in Hrvatska (Croatia)

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Freki a Dalmatian/Chihuahua cross
Town: Jsatrebarsko, Croatia
Deaf dog: Dalma is a nine month old Dalmatian.
"Hi! I`m Lijana a proud owner of a great deaf dog. Dalma first came into my life when I dicided to breed Saga. Saga gave birth to 6 wonderful puppies, once I realized that Dalma was a deaf pup I got really worried for her, I tried the best I could to find her a loving home but had no luck, I just didin`t trust the people that were calling me about her and when I told them that she was deaf they either hung up one me or just told me they wer`nt interested, talk about campassion and understanding! I dicided right then and there that the only place for her was with me. I am so glad I followed my heart and dicided to keep her, we all love her so much I couldi`nt emagine life with out her! She truly is a special dog, I belive that every life is important and every dog should have an equal chance in life!
Human companions: Lijana Skupnik
Other Pets: Dalma's mother, Saga and a pekiness named Gizmo they are both hearing.

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