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Deaf Dogs in Deutschland

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Anubis a Dalmatian
Town: Brachelen, Deutschland
Deaf dog: Anubis, a one year old deaf Dalmatian.
Human companions: Mario Hollaender, and Anja Hollaender
Other pets: Balu, a Newfoundland Dog; two birds; two hamsters.
Email: Unavailable
Baby a Mini-Dachshund
Town: Giebelstadt, Deutschland
Deaf dog: Baby is a miniature silver double dapple dachshund. She is playfull and very seldom has a bad day. It is amazing to watch her. She can spend an hour playing with a foam ear plug or marble. She doesn't eat it or anything but she will somewho throw it into the air and the chase it. Baby is getting older and has been spayed about six months ago. She is such a clown and very lovable towards me and very protecive. We are consant compainions. I have to tell people that she is deaf as she doesn't show it. She acts as any normal dog. I could have sold her a hundred time over and been rich for the deal but as I could never sell a child of mine so goes my Baby.
Human companions: Robert Pearson & Ulrike Pearson and family are owned by Baby. We live in a small farming community outside of Wuerburg called Giebelstadt.
Other pets: Daisy, Dixie, Schnecke, Fife, Patches, Pepper, Merlin, Pete, Becky, P.J., Molly and of course Baby. We also have Harriet, Willie, Denise and Jackie who are all pure Rough Collies. Our most recent addition has been two birds.
Milka a Dogo Argentino
Milka & Schneemann
Town: Kelkheim, Deutschland
Deaf dog: Milka is a three year old Dogo Argentino who was born deaf.
Human companions: Sabine Hilgers and her boyfriend Kris
Other Pets: Schneemann, a 10 year old Pointer (They get on perfect)
Diégo a Dalmatian
Diégo vom Palmblick
Town: Hamburg, Deutschland
Deaf dog: Diégo vom Palmblick is a Dalmatian born 23.12.1998. Please visit our website, Tauber Hund.
Human companion: Sabine Firnhaber
Other pets: Shane, a Schnauzer-Mix, 3 horses, 3 minigoats, 2 islandsheep, 4 cats, some guinea pigs and rabbits and 1 rat.
Town: Bremen, Deutschland
Deaf dog: Silence is a 13 month old Dalmatian. His family says "During my study to become a dog psychiatrist I read a book by Barry Eaton 'A Guide to Training A Deaf Puppy,' because I wanted to be able to handle these dogs as well and give support to their owners. When I finished it I knew a deaf dog wouldn't cause problems when starting training with him when he is a puppy. I didn't want to get a dog at that time, but I came onto a webpage for Dalmatian rescue and I have seen "Silence" in the web. Deafness was the reason for the breeder to give him away...the breeder at least gave this dog a chance before killing him as usually done with deaf dogs. I couldn't say NO to these eyes and I and my family decided to take him before I graduated...although my intellect said not to! But we have never regretted that decision not at one day ever since!
Silence was easy to educate, not worse or better than a hearing dog....actually he "hears" better than some of the hearing ones. I swear. Silence is used to walk off leash. On small streets too. Just on main streets I put him on. He moves his head through the collar of the retriever-leash as a volunteer. He got no problems being with a leash for a short while...he can run outside, play with other dogs or with me. We made him love to play with us and this is the best trick for getting his attention. When he thinks he can walk where he wants to, we run away...he is so in panic when he doesn't see his family. Therefor he gives attention to check where we could never know! Even if we touch him from behind he just looks around to see who it is. We only showed him who the boss is in his language....and we taught him with love and with patience. He is really a gift from God! A gift like any loving animal who lives with us and all the ones living all over the world."
You can see Silence on his webpage Then go onto the button "Me & friends". It is telling a lot about the things between dogowner and his dog from Silence's point of view. It's really funny but still gives basic information - a little different then others.
Human companions: Michaela Gutekunst and family of 4
Other pets: 2 cats, 2 canaries

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