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California Deaf Dogs

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Camera shy Town: Sacramento, California
Deaf dog: Ajax, a 2 1/2 year old English Bull Terrier. He was a stray found by the humane society as a four month old puppy, taken in by Bull Terrier Rescue, and came to join his current family at eight months.
Human companion: Steven Schoonover, his roommate, and his son
Other pets: a cat and a part-time rabbit.
Camera shy Town: Orangevale, California
Deaf dog: Kelster the Kur is a two and a half year old white Australian Shepherd. He's now learning signs.
Human companions: Vandeleur Leigh and boyfriend Pat Morse
Other pets: four dogs.
Email: Unknown
Camera Shy
Town: Elk Grove, California
Deaf dog: Doofus is a 2-1/2 year old white Boxer. He's a wonderful boy and I don't know how we lived without him. He's the most gentle dog we've ever owned.
Human companions: Tim Tedford & Rose Lloyd
Other pets: Doofus shares his home with Cole (12 week old German Shephard pup); Molly, Poop, Kona, Little One, Keaton and Lucas (cats); Dizzy and Squeak (rats) and a salt water aquarium.
Camera Shy

Town: Jamestown, California
Deaf dog: Savanna is a Dalmatian, who is approximately 11 months old. Her mom says "My husband and fell in love with the Dalmatian breed when we got Taz. She was our first and she is now going on 8 years old. We always rescue all our animals and so we decided to rescue Dals. Especially since our Humane Society Shelter will no longer rescue Dalmatians at all. Savanna was our third Dal. We don't know the extent of her deafness. We believe she can pick up on a very few sounds. But for the most part she is oblivious to sound. She was very traumatized as a baby. She only has three legs and because of her illnesses and injuries as a baby she only weighs 31 lbs. My others range from 51 to 64 lbs to give you some idea. She has one blue eye and one brown. She is the sweetest little angel. She is also a little road runner that refuses to believe in limitations."
Raider is an approximately 9 month old Dalmatian. His mom says " Raider is our fourth and final Dal rescue (for now). He is a 51 lb. baby at 9 months. He is bilaterally deaf. We got him a few weeks ago and he is a terror :). But loving every minute of it. We do need a lot of info and help now that we got these two babies. He is very keen on air and ground movements and vibrations. He has two brown eyes and very lightly spotted."
Human companions: Jennifer Haddock and husband Michael (daddy to all these furr babies)
Other pets: We also have two other Dals: Taz (7 years) and Chelsea (4 years). And we have two cats and a turtle.
Lizzie may be deaf, but is incredibly attentive
Lizzie at 1 year
Town: Sacramento, California
Deaf dog: Lizzie is an Australian Cattle Dog. Her family says "Lizzie is an amazing pet - she might have been destroyed because of her deafness - and we are SO grateful that she wasn't and that she lives with us.
Among other things, Lizzie has taught us to view life from a fresh perspective. This has helped all members of our family with a range of things - school, work, play.
Nice pictures of Lizzie and our other ACD, Kelly (also a rescue), at: or thru my web site at
Funny story about Lizzie and our three-legged cat at"
Human companions: Phil, Anastasia and Joseph Dynan
Other pets: Kelly - ACD Rescue; Crevette, small mix, blind; Moshe & Nannie - small cats (sisters), 6, and Bandit,Siamese-Calico mix, 3
Camera Shy
Town: Murphys, California
Deaf dog: An Australian Sheppard, Maui is named after "Maui--the trickster God". And the trickster Dog! He is fun and smart and has changed our lives so much for the better. We bought him not knowing he was deaf--suprise, suprise! We are always looking for tips to train him. He house broke easily and loves the outdoor and other people and other animals. Maui is a special dog that found a special home.
Human companions: Anahata and Garrett
Camera Shy
Town: Cameron Park, California
Deaf dog: Otto was rescued from an abusive home and then we took him in. At first he was scarred of men but it only took a few weeks for him to become very attached to my husband. Otto has been to obedience class with hearing dogs and his trainer was so impressed he made Otto a example and told the rest of the class that Otto, although deaf, was doing better than the hearing dogs. Bringing Otto into our home is the best thing we ever did. We were not at all familiar with deaf dogs, but I did alot of research and he is a sweet, wonderful, little guy. He gets along with all his sisters (Rose (Dachshund) and Patsy (Basset). We now have Jane (Dachsund-9 months old) and she and Otto are best friends. We do spoil our dogs but with Otto it is even more of a pleasure to do so. It is like everything you do for him or give him he looks at you like he is so thankful. He loves to ride in the car, play in his sandbox and go to the beach.
Human companions: Patricia and Mike
Other Pets: Rose and Jane (Doxies)Patsy (Basset)
Lilly Blue
Lilly Blue
Town: Tahoe City, California
Deaf dog: Lilly Blue was adopted form ARPH -- Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline, out of Minden, Nevada.
I was told when we adopted her that she was hard of hearing.We than finally really figured out she was totally deaf... when we opened the garage door and there she laid still alseep...and the Vacuum sound, I would just vacuum right under her legs...
Lilly Blue is a wonderful loving companion, she knows over 30 ASL words and she loves to go running, and loves obedient work, like sit, stay, come, and heal.
Thanks to the internet there is a ton of info on living with a deaf dog, so after learning about our little deaf girl, it really is no problem learning to live with her, we wouldn't trade her in for anything in the world.
Human companions: Jim and Debbie
Other pets: Not other pets, we just lost our senior girl, 14 year old golden husky named Bailey girl
Camera Shy
Town: Wilton, California
Deaf dog: Bandit is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Catahoula mix. "I have only had my dog Bandit for a little over a week. I adopted him from a local animal shelter knowing he was deaf. He is the most affectionate and loving dog. He always is at my side and watching my hands for the next command. The previous owner had given him up because he barked too much and liked to dig, but it seems like they put a lot of time into him. He gets along great with my other dog Cody (blind in one eye)and my horses."
Human companions: Regina Ivester
Other pets: Cody, 8 month old Husky mix; Autumn, 3 year old Quarter Horse filly, and any number of rescue horses.
Camera Shy
Town: Nevada City, California
Deaf dog: Pema is an 8 month old Border Collie/Queensland Heeler. "We rescued her 2 mos ago. She is a white border collie--as she gains weight she is looking a bit like a heeler. She has completed obiedience training--with high marks! She is very smart! Knows about 15+ signs. When she came to us--Not socialized, no boundaries, no eye contact, Many nuerotic behaviors have been channeled--she is starting to act more like a pup. I believe her handicap/special needs are because of her life beginning with little/no communication/understanding/commitment/ bordering neglect-- of her previous family. She loves to hike, ski, explore, go in the water, get treats, play with the goats and kitty and us. She has issues with strangers. But, plays well with some of her doggy friends. When she came to us it appeared she did not know how to she bring toys to us to play! And she knows the sign for ball, bone and play! Much more to keep us busy."
Human companions: 2 teens and 2 adults
Other pets:
Town: Woodland, California
Deaf dog: Hector is a 2 year old Pointer. "Hector came to us from the Yolo County Animal Shelter, where the techs told us he may be deaf after we had already fallen in love. Hector is our first deaf dog, but certainly won't be our last. He has, at times, been a real challenge, and at others just a "typical" dog/pointer. Hector has introduced us to a whole new world, and we are happy to be here."
Human companions: Sean (17), Katrina (49) and Bill (54)
Other pets: Hannah (GSD), Andy (spaniel/rottweiler) Precious (tortoise shell domestic cat) Sonya (siamese mix cat) multiple birds, reptiles and fish.

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