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Brasil Deaf Dogs

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Scooby Doo
Town: São Paulo, Brasil
Deaf dog: Scooby Doo is a 1 year old Cocker Spaniel. His family says "Scooby was born deaf, the vet discovered his condition after some examinations. When the breeders found out, they wanted to sacrifice him. Not succeeding, they held back his pedigree. I adopted him about 2 months ago and I'm still uncertain how to communicate with him. Scooby is very smart and joyful, extremely affective and tender, never gets tired and loves to run, but is also very jealous of me."
Human companions: Eloi & Erika Bermelho
Camera Shy
Town: Brasilia, Brasil
Deaf dog: Atena is a 10 month old Dalmatian. "Atena was adopted by us at the age of 2 months and we didn't know she was deaf. Soon we realized how difficult it was to wake her up or to call her attention. The vet made some simple tests and confirmed it. She has been trained with food and gestures, but it's still hard to call her attention. Since then, I've been looking for information on deaf dogs on the web, since there's almost nothing about it here, in Brazil. I'd like to get in touch with other deaf dogs owners."
Human companions: Rayssa Chaves

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